Update on JoHannah’s accident…

A note from Johannah:

“I want to thank everybody from the bottom my heart for checking in on me everyday I have been in the hospital and all the sweet gifts I have received. I truly would not be getting through this without you guys. Going on to my accident, I was in first to give my mom her mothers day win, but unfortunately things ended up otherwise. It was by far the scariest crash of my life. I thought I was never going to walk again, and laying there not moving with that thought is terrifying. It was comforting hearing everyones voices around me at the scene of the accident. My Biggest fearing this sport was always breaking my back, and here I am. I can’t stress enough how lucky I am to be able to walk again soon. I ended up with around 10 breaks in my theoretic and lumbar sections of my spine and tons of road rash. Im still in the Indiana Trauma and Spinal hospital being treated hoping to be headed back to Texas within a week. The worst feeling is laying here & not being able to help but think about the fact that I pulled every single holeshot in Schoolgirl this year & lead every race by a ton. This was my last year in the class, but I showed what I had and proved where it was headed. I have done things with the WMX and Schoolgirl classes that no one has ever done before on a 250. In just 2 rounds I created a lot of “first” in the sport which is something I never expected to happen. This weekend I got 4th and still retained my points lead as well as a DNF and now only 3 points behind because of the points leads I had already created. Sucks I can’t continue it now and take it all the way, but we will be back. It truly heart breaking loosing my points leads and possible championships, but everything happens for a reason. Thank you to all my sponsors for standing behind me and supporting me through this. When the time comes to be back out there I won’t let you down I promise. 🙂

I love you all so much, thanks for getting me through this.”