I have not updated everyone since the beginning of the season. With the season half over, we find our team continuing to charge forward and make the best of 2017. As many know, JoHannah experienced a bad accident at Ironman. Leading both Schoolgirl and WMX going into the round, she was poised to do what no other rider under 18 would have accomplished. She had won every moto in Schoolgirl and led in points in WMX. WMX has a lot of competition this year again and winning that class would have made for great racing all year. The great news is Jo is healthy and knows she had trained to be at the level she needed. Look for her return.


A special thanks to Adam Sinz with AMPED Apparel for allowing us to be recognized as the official Team AMPED for 2017.

Until the next gate drop, you have my best!
– Tom

Tom Vossman