JoHannah Injured in Wreck, but OK!

Our women’s rider, JoHannah Vossman, was training at a facility in Texas this past weekend with team race coach and mechanic, Nick moser, when she had a gnarly wreck. JoHannah has a few internal. Injuries to her lungs, brain, and hip that will cause her to have to sit out of racing Daytona last minute. JoHannah will be fully healed and ready to take on the season come Round 1, at Underground MX In Kemp, TX!
Vossman Motorsports wants to send a huge thank you to the whole Ford Family for all their help and hospitality towards JoHannah and Nick! On another note, Tommy Vossman and Sam Rowe are fully ready to take on all of what Daytona has to offer! We are so excited to get things started!
See you all on the gate at Daytona International Speedway!